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Kaiservilla BrunnenKaiservilla

….........on the trails of Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth (Sisi)

Kaiser Franz JosephSissiDue to the salutary salt baths in the Health Resort Bad Ischl - the summer residence of Emperor Franz Joseph I, also called the "Salt Prince" , the Emperor spent 83 out of his 86 summers there. Bad Ischl is sourrounded by a picturesque mountain and lake scenery. Come and enjoy at least one day of your holidays there and discover the beauty of this region - the country and the lake.

Bad Ischl –
         Health Resort – 
             Place of cultural events

Besides the Emperor's Family famous persons like the composer of operettas Franz Lehar, the composer Johann Strauss and Anton Bruckner discovered the splendour of this landscape.

Our excursion starts in Salzburg passing the original WolfgangseeTrapp's Family residence and charming mountain and hill scenery towards Fuschl am See - the gate to the "Salzkammergut". At St.Gilgen you embark a comfortable excursion boat where you can enjoy the absolutely beautiful view on Wolfgangsee (lake) surrounded by the mountain range of Zwölferhorn, SchSchreibzimmer KFJafberg and Postalm. After a short tour of the charming village St.Wolfgang you continue your ride on a romantic minor road to Bad Ischl.

Visit the Emperor's Villa, including the private rooms. Nothing has been changed there since the Emperor's time.


duration of this tour aproxx. 5 hours

from  "The Salzkammergut" -
            to  "The Mondseeland" -
                      The  Classic Salzkammergut Tour
                      The  Classic Mountaine & Lake District Tour         

NannerlThis tour starts in Salzburg leads through the quiet living district Aigen, past the Trapp's family villa and the baroque church of Aigen where Mozart's parents had married.St. WolfgangThen you pass the adjoining romantic mountain and hill scenery with steep rocks and reach Fuschl am See, the gate to the "Salzkammergut". At St.Gilgen, the birthplace of Mozart's mother Anna - Mozart's sister Nannerl has also lived there for a while - you aboard a boat and cross the Wolfgangsee to the village St.Wolfgang. You are expected at the ship station and are guided through the romantic lanes past the hotel "White Horse" to the gothic church with its famous altar , wood carved by Michael Pacher.

Mondsee OrtAfter that you go along the three lakes Wolfgangsee, Krottensee Mondsee and the  steep and rocky "Drachenwand" to the village Mondsee with its baroque market square and  colourful historic facades. You have a glance at the gothic monastary church ( the wedding church of the Trapp's in the famous musical "Sound of Music") and the courtyard of the former monastery of the Benedict monks where this excursion comes finally to an end.

Duration of this tour aproxx. 4 hours

Inneres SalzkammergutThe Inner Salzkammergut
Lakes and Mountains District



a) "Dachstein" world's heritage - world of the glaciers

Experience an unforgettable trip and sink after a spectacular cable car ride  into the  fascinating  adventure world of the  "Dachstein Ice and Mamhallstatt_ortmut " caves. Enjoy the absolute highlight of this mountain experience on the most spectacular platform in the Alps called "Five Fingers", towering 400m above the ground presenting you a breathtaking view on the landscape around the "Lake Hallstatt". After aGasthaus Simony comfortable ride on a boat you are expected at the ship station in Hallstatt and have a nice stay in a restaurant garden directly by the lake where you may try freshly caught fish of the clear "Lake Hallstatt". During a round of the picturesque village past the "bone house" and the archaeological excavations you get information about the era of the "Hallstatt Time". More details are presented at the local museum "Hallstatt world's heritage".

Duration of this tour aproxx. 8 hours

SW LogoSalzweltSW HuntSalzbergbahn

b) „Glück Auf“ at the salt mine Hallstatt

In the village Obertraun where you have a wonderful view on the unmarred nature of the mountain rangeGassen von Hallstatt of the Dachstein you aboard an excursion boat. After a comfortable ride you get off at Hallstatt and start, after a spectacular uphill ride in a panorama cable car, a journey through time to the first millenium BC. On the paths of the "Hallstatt High Valley" past a Celtic grave you are approaching the oldest salt mine of the world. After the traditional miner's welcoming with bread, salt and spirits you hurtle down on wooden slides intoGasthaus Simony the heart of the salt mountain. Experience the history of the salt by an outstanding show. The unforgettable pit railway transports you back to the daylight.
Back in Hallstatt you have a romantic stay in a garden of a  restaurant next to the lake enjoying fresh fish or other delicious specialties of the region being pleased about the charming view on the "Lake Hallstatt". You use the remaining time for a round of the 7000 year old salt village.

Duration of this tour aproxx. 6 hours

The Styrian „Lake District“

Ausseer Country – Altaussee, Bad Aussee
A – Three – Lakes – Tour

Enjoy an unforgettable excursion to one of the most outstanding sceneries of Austria with Individual Tours.

Passing „Fuschlsee“ and „Wolfgangsee“ you first get to Bad Ischl the former summer residence of Emperor Franz Joseph I and his family. Continuing via „Pötschenhöhe“ with its grand view of “Lake Hallstatt” you reach Bad Aussee, the starting point of our unique “Three – Lakes – Tour”.

By motorboat you first cross the Grundlsee, Styria’s largest lake to the village Gössl. After a short walk (about 20 min), breathing the fresh air of medium mountain range climate you aboard a “Plätte” (a kind of ferry) and are taken across Toplitzsee. Passing picturesque romantic waterfalls you finally reach the banks of “Kammersee”. There you have the opportunity to visit the origin of the river Traun (waterfall) in former times very important for transporting the mined salt.

On your way back there will be enough time to have a rest at the “Rusty Anchor Inn” and lovers of nature may glance at the Alpine Garden with more than 2000 sorts of alpine-, cure-, and aroma plants.

Duration of this tour approx. 8 hours

over 8 persons we are looking forward to your request

wsschafberg_ico.jpgThe "Schafberg"

   The peak of the Schafberg - observation platform of the Lake District

                        spectacular panaroma view over the Salzkammergut and far up to the Alps.

Experience an unforgettable excursion and have a bird's eye view of the beauty of this region. You have aTrappvilla magnificent panorama view nearly 2000 metre above sea level. 
Starting in Salzburg you go past beautiful  villas in the living district Aigen with an unforgettable view on the Trapp's family original former residence. The trip through the mountain and hill scenery adjoining to Salzburg with its steep rock faces gives you a foretaste of the beauty of the region SalzkammergutZahnradbahn. Passing the village Fuschl am See you first reach St.Gilgen having a look at Mozart's mother Anna's birth place. On board of a comfortable excursion boat you enjoy the unique view on the Wolfgangsee with a fantastic panorama of the mountains. In a historic train, driven by nostalgic steam engines, which has already transported the Emperor's Family and their followers up to airy heights you experience a unique comfortable ride up to the panorama platform of the Salzkammergut. After this event on the mountain and a following short walk through the picturesque village of St.Wolfgang you get back to Salzburg passing the "Mondseeland".

Duration of this tour approx. 5 hours

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