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salzburg.jpgPrivate Salzburg Sightseeing tour

   on the trails of famous persons
         Mozart - Reinhardt -  The Trapp's   Sound of Music - look for  the true places !
WitKaufmannshäuserh Individual Tours you book  your very personal Salzburg sightseeing tour. You are picked up at your hotel and after the tour passing traditional tradesmen's houses you are either takenMozarts Geburtshaus back to your hotel or taken to any place in the heart of the Old Town of Salzburg you like. The tour leads you through the New Town of Salzburg, situated on the right bank of the Salzach river, past Mozart's residence and Palace Mirabell. We really can recommend a walk through this amacing park known as the "Mirabell Garden" at the end of your tour. Savour the mytological sculptures made of marble, the water fountains, and the lMirabellgartenovely designed flowerbeds. Crossing the "Staatsbrücke" (state bridge) you reach probably the most beautiful observation spot above the roofs of Salzburg, the Mönchsberg, from where already Alexander of Humboldt called Salzburg to be one of the most beautiful regions of the world.
The district of Salzburg Festival Plays - district Saint Peter - the place of the foundation of Salzburg is your next stage. After a Friedhof Sankt Petershort walk past the town's oldest bakery (bakery of the monastary) through the absolutely unique graveyard of Saint Peter with its catacombs (caves carved into the rocks for praying there) you reachhirsch.jpg Lepoldskron. Enjoy the view on the pond and the palace Leopoldskron (known as the Trapp's family residence in the famous musical "Sound of Music".
HellbPavillonrunn - the former Archbishops hunting palace  offers you unique "Water Plays".  Savour the fascinating water world, an exciting and funny refreshment on a hot summer day. A short  walk through the wide park past the Sound of Music Pavilion completes the tour in south of Salzburg.

duration of the sound of music tour aproxx. 3 hours

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