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The Celts are coming !

Hallein –
    Bad Dürrnberg

Salt, the "white gold", was not only the reason for the economic upturn during the period of the HalleinArchbishops in the Middle Ages but also caused the highly sophisticated culture of the era of the Celts. Hallein, the saline city, mining the largest quantities of salt in Middle Europe in the 13th ceHalleinntury still today impresses with medieval middle-class houses, squares and narrow lanes. Concerning culture Hallein is not only well known for Franz Xaver Gruber, composer of the world famous Christmas carol "Silent Night, Holy Night" who lived, worked and died there but also houses the world famous annual Salzburg Festival Plays in the old historic saltwork buildings on the Perner Island. After a short sightseeing tour through Hallein you reach the Health Resort Bad Dürrnberg with its fascinating salt mine. In miners` clothes you hurtle down wooden slides into the heart of the salt mountain. A multimedia show is the back drop to Keltendorfyour boat trip across the subterranean salt lake, which will leave a lasting impression of a unique underground world. Being back on the surface you visit the Celtic village. It shows impressively how the former inhabitants of the Dürrnberg mountain lived there over 2500 years ago. You can discover re-enactments of Celtic life in the village houses and, on occassion, you can even look over there shoulder at "Celtic" craftsmen at work.

Duration of this tour aproxx.  3,5 hours

KehlsteinhausBerchtesgadener Land

German province of Bavaria

                                Eagle's Nest - Kehlsteinhaus
                                             Königssee - King's lake

Passing the saline city Hallein this route takes you to Obersalzberg on the "Rossfeld Panorama Road" with breathtaking view on the mountain range of the "Hoher Göll", the Tennengebirge and the Dachstein.
Obersalzberg, the former residence of the leaders  of the  Third Reich  is the starting pSt. Bartholomäoint of the spectacular bus ride through the jagged rock faces of the "Kehlstein". By the genuine brass lined lift inside the mountain you get to the "Kehlstein House  - the Eagle's Nest" a present for Adolf Hitler's 50th birthday in the name of the National Socialistic Party. There you experience an impressive view from Berchtesgaden with its mountain scenery far up to the "Alpenvorland" with giganticly landscape. As an alternative you may visit either the "Documentary Center" of the so called "Third Reich"  or the original military bunkers. You get back to Salzburg  along the Königseeache (brook) passing the enchanted valley of Berchtesgaden.


King Ludwig II and the absolutely dreamlike Bavarian castles

König Ludwig IIStarting in Salzburg we travel through the picturesque foothills of the Bavarian Alps to Herrenchiemsee or to Schwangau with its idyllicly situated Castle Neuschwanstein - home of the former unsociable shy art-loving monarch King Ludwig II.
Walk around and dream as the King used to do it in those times.            Herrenchiemsee

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